R.M. of Lansdowne /  History / Pivotal Events

Timeline ... 1940 - 1949

The World

December, 1941 the United States enters the war after the  Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour

1945 – WW2 ends..


Aug. 19: Nearly 1000 Canadians die and 2000 are taken prisoner in the failed raid on Dieppe.


Rationing and consumer goods shortages become a way of life.
Manitoba Power Commission decides to extend  service to more rural areas.

Arden and the R.M. of Lansdowne


The first combine bought by Oscar G. Reilley.
Arden Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion formed.


The Western Canada Elevator in Helston becomes the Helston Coop.


The return of soldiers, many with war brides, signals the beginning of the “Baby Boom”.


Helston Co-op Elevator torn down.


Dr. G.M. Brownell, Chairman of the Historic Sites Advisory Board, reports on the archaeological value of the mounds and the Indian Village in the Arden area.

Mass chest X-Rays authorized.

Addition made to War Memorial.


The Legion puts a plaque on the war memorial.

Hydro construction began in the Lansdowne area.