R.M. of Lansdowne /  History / Pivotal Events

Timeline ... 1910 - 1920

The World

1912: Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg on its first voyage.
1914: WW 1 – 1914 – 18
1917: Russian Revolution and the beginning of Communist rule.


Conscription Crisis


Widespread drought
Winnipeg General Strike

Arden and the R.M. of Lansdowne

The R.M. of Lansdowne, like all Manitoba communities was profoundly affected by the World War, and like all Manitoba communities is proud of its efforts on behalf of “King & Country”.


Application  to be made to the C.N.R. for a plan of the Village of Tenby and to ask that immediate provision be made for roads to the east and north leading to the village.

Municipal bank accounts were transferred to the Northern Crown Bank at Arden.
The Independent Order of Odd fellows was instituted at Arden.
Methodist Church (frame) built near Salisbury School.


Salisbury Church

Central Church built.


Council approved a petition to the C.N.R. for a daylight service from Neepawa to McCreary and the Reeve attend on the approved deputation.


Economic downturn in Manitoba – affects much local industry in smaller communities.
Telephone lines installed in Berton.
Mr. John Duff of Mekiwin publishes his latest song success, "Little Laughing Girlie, Meg".


Secretary-Treasurer reports on the prosecution of a resident for neglecting to properly register the birth of a child. Since the owner of 35-17-13 was on active service in defence of our country his taxes were accounted as paid, and was to be continued until the end of such service. $50 a month was to be paid to the Patriotic Fund and $100 to the Belgian Fund.


Average yield of 25 bushels per acre on the prairies. 300 million bushels produced.

The U.G.G. Elevator opened in Tenby, where it operated until 1976.

The region in 1915


A “Herd Law” stipulats that cattle can no longer roam unrestricted.
A by-law was passed to close up part of the Fort Ellice Trail between Portage la Prairie and Fort Ellice at Keyes (1-15-13) and transfer it to the C.P.R. and provide a road.

Berton School District #1912 formed. It operated until about 1967.
Second Molesworth School built.


On Oct. 17, an ad the the Gladstone Age Press advised that:

“ Order of Provincial Health Officer. SPANISH INFLUENZA declared to be EPIDEMIC. All schools, theatres, churches,, pool rooms and other places where the public gather, shall be closed and remain closed until further notice. That all stores close at 6 PM on Saturday. That all gatherings  at stores, on street corners and other places be prohibited.

Effective from midnight, the 16th day of Oct. 1918”


General depression following the war. Low grain prices.

Miss A. Dick granted a licence to operate the Lansdowne Hotel in Arden.


The Lansdowne Hotel, in Arden

Council authorizes the leasing of part of Block "Y" Plan 285 to John Foreman and others to build a skating rink.

During 1919 several school districts are dissolved or re-adjusted to suit the ConsoliŽdated School System.
Arden Consolidated School  - includes pupils from Ayr, Twyford, Union, Salisbury and Winchester as part of the plan.

On Sept. 18, Keyes experiences was a short visit from HRH the Prince of Wales, whose train had to make a ten minute stop there, which was utilized by the Prince to get down and mingle with the crowd briefly.