R.M. of Lansdowne /  History / Pivotal Events

Timeline ... 1900 - 1910

The World

1901: Queen Victoria dies, Jan. 22. Edward the VII reigns.
1901: Marconi sends the first radio signal across the Atlantic.
1903: Ford Motor Co. established to manufacture automobiles


May 15, 1909: an Earthquake is felt across the prairies.


1901: Manitoba’s first Hydro-electric plant opens on the Little Saskatchewan River northwest of Brandon.  
1906: Manitoba farmers organize the “Grain Growers’ Grain Company” with shares available at $25. For any farmer wanting to join.

1908: Manitoba Government Telephones takes over the telephone service.

Arden and the R.M. of Lansdowne

The communities in Lansdowne have reached what is termed the consolidation era (following the pioneer and establishment eras). Services are established, village layouts are established, and transportation lines are in place. The initial spurts of growth have settled. Hastily erected frame buildings are replaced with more substantial houses and stores. Recreational and cultural options are explored. 


New two-room school built in Arden.


Arden School and student transportation.

A store and stopping place on the trail to Dauphin, operated by Edwin Ramsey on SE 19-17-14, closed in the early 1900’s.
Keyes Union School District #1068 (Midway) formed. It operated until 1967.
Mekiwin Church built.


The C.N.R. completes the Hallboro-Muir line giving service to Berton, a small village on NE 25-13-13.  (Later re-named Helston)

A cyclone destroys the home of John Muirhead in the Berton region. Con Bennett is killed in the storm.


Council establishes the Arden Nuisance Ground. A surveyor is hired to survey the Arden-Edrans Ridge Road.
Dr. Gahan appointed health officer of 1902.

Peter Broadfoot of Gladstone builds an elevator in Berton.

The Church of the Ascension built. It closed in 1976, and was torn down in 1982.


A by-law is drawn up respecting telephone lines.
A grant of $1000 is to be paid over two years towards the construction of Neepawa Hos¬pital.
Second Elevator (the Western Canada) built in Berton.
Mr. Christalaw builds Berton’s first store.
The Salisbury Shamrock Ball Team has a very successful season.


The Salisbury Shamrocks Baseball Team


Methodist parsonage built. Later home of the United Church minister.

Council approves the erection of a Warren Steel Truss Bridge on the boundary line, east of Sec 13-18-13, provided a government grant of $1000 is received and Mr. Ferguson gives the necessary land.

Arden Cement Block and Building Co. established and Harmon S. Palmer cement block machine ordered. (The cement block machine was last used in 1959 by local carpenter Frank Stanglmaier.)

The Lansdowne Municipal Building is first building constructed by the Cement Block Co. The gravel excavated from the basement is used to make the blocks.

On May 19 a petition is submitted for re-adjustments of Tenby and Goodlands School Districts and forming of one new dis¬trict.

A new Tenby School is built of concrete blocks. The school closed in 1967 and the district was dissolved in 1968. The building is a municipally designated historic site.


Tenby School, one of the first concrete block structures built in the region.

The Plumas – Lansdowne Agricultural Society formed.


Orange Ridge cheese factory ceases operations.
Council is to undertake and erect a five ton weigh scales at a suitable place in the Village of Arden.
On Aug. 31, the total eclipse of the sun is witnessed about 5:30 a.m. by area residents.


A grant is given to Edrans Cemetery of $25.
Public vote to operate a Municipal owned Telephone System is not approved by ratepayers.
W. L. McNair, Reeve of Lansdowne, appointed to the Royal Commission on the Grain Trade, to represent Manitoba.


Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society formed.
Post Office established in Keyes, at the J.A. Christlaw residence.
Eddington School #933 opened. Closed 1955.


Fire destroys the Arden Flour Mill


Arden Flour Mill

J. Foster Sr. receives a patent on a machine for tightening and stretching wire fences.

Second Ayr School built.

A bylaw stipulates that: “ No persons shall bathe or wash in any public waters within the village of Arden unless clad in a suitable costume.

An Act to amend the Municipal Boundaries Act. (assented to March 10th, 1909 provides that Lansdowne shall be: townships numbered thirteen and fourteen in range numbered thirteen west and townships numbered fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and the south halves of townships numbered nineteen, in ranges numbered thirteen and fourteen west.”
Additional school building built in Arden.
Berton Hall (later Halston) built for community use by Charles Dobson using his own funds.
Messrs Shackleford and Richardson open up a General Store in Berton Village on March 1st.

A public meeting held in Keyes School March 20th to discuss the advisability of having a telephone central at Keyes.

Pembroke School, which closed at Christmas for the winter, had its promotion at the end of the year.

Item from the Gladstone Age press:

“Sunday Cigar Selling. This form of violation of the Lord's Day Act is one of the most common throughout the Dominion. Many of the hotels, restaurants and other places carry on their trade in tobacco as on other days.