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Timeline ... 1850 - 1869

The World

1861-65: Civil War in the U.S.
1848-52: Potato Blight causes extensive crop failures in Ireland.


1859: Expeditions by Capt. Palliser and Henry Youle Hind explore the Northwest Territories to examine the suitability of the region for agricultural settlement.


1869:  Louis Riel leads a group of Metis in the formation of a provisional government.

Arden and the R.M. of Lansdowne


H.Y. Hind surveyed the “Upper Whitemud Trail.”

1867: 112 Red River Carts travelled the Carleton Trail to Edmonton.
The Lansdowne Region in 1850 – 1869

The Carleton Trail

Many Lansdowne residents are proud of the fact that the Carleton Trail originally crossed over portions of their land.

"The trail branched at Portage la Prairie into two alternative routes for the next ninety miles or so. The southern branch continued in a westerly direction for about twenty miles and then veered slightly to the south¬west as it passed through the district around the sources of Squirrel Creek and Pine Creek. This branch appears to have followed an old buffalo-hunting trail for some dis¬tance before it (the buffalo trail) turned to the southwest. The southern branch of the Carleton Trail departed from the old hunting trail near the west side of 7-11-8 Wl. From this point it travelled in a northwesterly direction, passing about two miles west of Gregg (a station on the main line of the C.N.R. about midway between Portage la Prairie and Rivers, Man.). Continuing in a northwesterly direc¬tion, it crossed the White Mud River near Oberon and the Minnedosa (Little Saskatchewan) River about four miles west of the present town of Minnedosa. It rejoined the northern branch of the trail about twenty miles west and five miles north of that town.”

"The Carleton Trail", by R. C. Russell


This map from 1870 shows that settlement in Manitoba had not extended far from the valleys
of the Red and Assiniboine near Winnipeg. That was about to change .